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Energy Saving

"Our company aims to provide businesses with systems and technologies that reduce energy consumption and operational costs."

Charalampos Tsoniotis, Co-Founder / Business Development

Our team

The stakeholders of ENISTEC having acquired knowledge and experience in industrial research and development, project management and business-to-business sales for over a decade, can effectively audit and analyse the particular needs and requirements of a wide range of businesses and provide appropriate products and solutions.


"Apart from the energy saving aspect, you have truly lightened up our store" N.Z. (Bakery)

"I was continually spending money on replacing spot lights. Now I save energy and don't worry about replacements" A.T. (Jewelery)

"As we are in operation 12 hours a day, 7 days a week the electricity bills have always been too much to handle. My latest bill was a revelation!" K.T. (Cafe-Bar)